LanBox - LCXi Install DMX Controller

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 The LanBox-LCXi is the extended standalone DMX controller with advanced features. LanBox-LCXi will run hundreds of cues and scenes automatically for years without maintenance. LanBox-LCXi is designed to be the standalone product that will solve your lighting problems. Features - DMX Output - DMX Input Merger - Full Standalone Operation - Dedicated LanBox Interface connection - MIDI Input and Output - 100-240VAC Power Input - Extended GPIO Interface - Full TCP & UDP Control - Art-Net to DMX converter - Industrial grade components - Rack mount ready Trigger cues and control variables like speed and intensity Use the LanBox-LCXi as a simple Art-Net to DMX converter using the LanBox-LCXi DMX patcher, or to trigger light-cues using your Dolby cinema server to dim the lights in your movie theatre, or to master all the lights in your restaurant or bar using the LanBox Interface as a control panel. Or all of the above, simultaneously! Connections - DMX In/Out 5pin XLR - 100-240VAC Power IEC - Midi In/Thru 5pin DIN - RJ45 LAN port - USB - RJ45 LanBox Interface port (48v Power) - 8 x GPIO Phoenix contacts - 8 analogue inputs, 8 digital outputs, 8 outlets 6VDC and 8 ground contacts