Lanbox - 788TD+ 4 Channel Dimmer

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The 788TD+ series dimmers are industrial four channel compact DMX dimmer packs that can be used in any DMX-512 environment. Each channel will handle a load up to 5 Amps and each channel can be set as a switch or as a dimmer and both a low resolution (8 bit) or high resolution (16 bit) dimmer can be selected. The dimmer fully supports the RDM, ANSI E1.20 protocol. On top of that, the dimmer has no fans and therefore is completely silent.

The dimmer has 4 channels capable of dimming up to 5A or up to 1200W, depending on the voltage provided. The dimmer pack operates using a voltage between 100VAC and 240VAC.

Each of the four channels has a temperature sensor to prevent that channel from overheating. If the temperature of one channel will get too high, only that channel will be switched off. Once the temperature reaches normal levels, the channel can be used again.

The 788 series dimmer packs also have build in electronic short-circuit protection structures, there are no fuses inside the dimmer pack. In the event of a large current surge due to a short circuit the dimmer pack will be automatically switched off for 15 seconds. If the short circuit is resolved then the dimmer pack will be switched on again.

The dimmer pack has no fans and therefore is very quiet and absolutely no maintenance is required. The internal sensors are monitoring the temperature and the advanced construction using solid aluminium allows for sufficient heat transfer from the dimmer pack to the environment.

There are only two buttons on each dimmer pack for setting the DMX address, Mode per channel (switch, on, off, dim) and High (16 bit) or Low (8 bit) resolution dimming. Once the settings are made, the display will be automatically switched off, now showing only the small non-intrusive green led light at the dmx input.

The 788 series dimmer packs can be fully monitored and set up using RDM, the Remote Device Management protocol over DMX, ANSI E1.20. Using this protocol it is possible to set all properties like dmx start address and mode per channel remotely using your dmx desk. Also, the status of all sensors like temperature and current sensors can be monitored. The dimmer packs are extremely well build having a thick aluminium housing and high quality electronics. 

788TD+ Quad Dimmer Pack (Aust outlets)
The 788TD+ is the theatre edition of the 788 series dimmer packs. The dimmer pack has four Aust outlets and is shipped including a truss mount and safety cable kit. The dimmer pack is made from thick aluminium and strong steel, having a weight of 2,4kg and measures about 23 x 23 x 6cm. The dimmer pack has one 5 pole Neutrik XLR style inlet and one outlet for DMX and RDM.

FeaturesDimming4 independent channelsDim up to 5A (at 25˚C / 77F) per channelMinimal load 0,05A per channel (use a parallel 10KOhm, 10W resistor for smaller loads)16A total maximumDim, Switch, Off or On mode for each channelModi for dimming, switching, on and off per channel, selectable with push buttons.

Controlling5 pole DMX input and output, complies to DMX-512 USITT 1990, DMX512-AFull ANSI E1.20 RDM support4 or 8 channel operation, depending on normal or high resolution mode0% to 100% dimming in 8 or 16 bit modeGreen DMX signal indicationAddress setting with display and buttons.

ConnectingInput will accept 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz2m (6 feet) rubber cable included, without cable plugAmbient temperature must be between 0˚C - 40˚C (32F - 104F)Outputs are four Australian Standard outlets.

Safety Autonomous thermal protection scheme per channel Autonomous short circuit protection system This device complies with the European low voltage directive and the European EMC directiveElectrical safety: EN 60950: 2002Emission: EN 55015: 2000 + A1: 2002 + A2: 2002Immunity: EN-IEC 61000-6-2: 2001Build under ISO9001 quality protocolComplies to CE and FCC requirements.