Astera Box Wireless Bluetooth Receiver to RF Sender (DMX)

from $486.00 ex-gst

The AsteraBox™ is the latest control solution from Astera. It receives Bluetooth commands from any Bluetooth-enabled Android tablet (via the AsteraApp™) and sends RF signals to all Astera lights.

Wireless, battery-powered transmitter to be used with AsteraApp™ 

Receives Bluetooth, send RF commands to lights 

Rechargeable Battery 

Wireless Control 

300m+ Range 

Dimensions (mm): 77 x 32 x 138 

Package Dimensions (mm): 80 x 40 x 145 

Weight (kg): 0.23 

Accessories Included: Charger 

*Download FREE AsteraApp™ for your Android device on Play Store  

Application works on all Bluetooth-enabled Android 4.0.4 devices or newer 

Optimal performance on the following resolutions: 1024x600, 1280x800. Some functions may not work properly with other resolutions. 


All Astera Lights